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Kris Hines Voice Dialogue Facilitator
  MA(Hons)Education, Dip' Teaching

Voice Dialogue sessions with Kris are available in person in the Sunshine Coast area and also by phone internationally.  

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Voice Dialogue - bringing wisdom and clarity
So...who is running your life?

Hopefully you! But the question sometimes may need to be asked "Which part of you?"

If you are experiencing an inner conflict, for example feeling as if you are being pushed in different directions, Voice Dialogue is an empowering tool for awareness and healing.

Firstly, it helps you to connect with parts of you that may be making decisions that create problems and stress in your life, and to understand and heal what is going on within these parts of you.

Most powerfully also it strengthens your connection with that deeper part of you that can bring clarity, awareness and an understanding of the bigger picture - thus giving you genuine choice and the freedom again to be true to yourself.

Voice dialogue can also help you become aware of bonding patterns - unconscious ways of being in relationship with others which we can get locked into, not realising that these can be the real source of conflicts.

Personal, Family or Workplace Conflict
If your conflict is more to do with your outer life then for practical and coaching support take advantage of Kris’s telephone and web-based coaching service The Sounding Board at www.conflictadvice.com It is especially designed to respond to the unique needs of each person’s conflict and provide a confidential and thorough resource for clients, whatever conflict they are experiencing.

Call +617 54423676 or email kris@conflictadvice.com to inquire or book.

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